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Mallorca: 5x the best beaches in Santanyí

2 augustus 2021

If you’re a beach lover, Mallorca is like paradise on Earth. The island’s coastline covers around 550 km that’s home to the most gorgeous beaches and bays, the so called ‘calas’. One of my favourite memories from Mallorca must be from the day that we rented scooters and explored the coastline of Santanyí, which is home to some of the best beaches of Mallorca. Read about my personal top 5 below!

    • Cala Sa Nau
    • Cala Mitjana
    • Cala Serena
    • Cala Gran
    • Cala Llombards

#1 Cala Sa Nau

Distance to Cala d’Or: 5 km

Facilities: restaurant/bar, sunbeds, lifeguard

Cala Sa Nau is located just a few kilometres north of Cala d’Or. It’s within a 10-minute driving distance and facilitates a car park. In case you can’t make use of a (rental) car, renting a scooter/bicycle is a great alternative. I personally visited Cala Sa Nau by boat, which we’d rented for the day in Cala d’Or. Can highly recommend that, as you can drop the anchor wherever you want to and dive into the crystal clear water for a refreshing swim.

#2 Cala Mitjana

Distance to Cala d’Or: 4,5 km


Cala Mitjana is a true hidden gem. Not just because the place is absolutely gorgeous, but also due to the slightly low accessibility of the beach. The best way to get there is by foot (from Cala Sa Nau) or by boat (from Cala d’Or). Don’t let this scare you off. Trust me, this place is worth the effort!

#3 Cala Serena

Distance to Cala d’Or: 3,4 km


This bay is part of the five bays of Cala d’Or. It’s the northernmost bay in Cala d’Or and it’s located nearby Cala Ferrera, from where an adventurous path leads to Cala Serena. This path is the best way to reach Cala Serena if you don’t have a car/scooter/bicycle to take. It’s relevant to notice that Serena, just like Mitjana, doesn’t provide any facilities, though it doesn’t make taking a dive into the water any less fun!

#4 Cala Gran

Distance to Cala d’Or: 1 km

Facilities: restaurant/bar, lifeguard

Cala Gran is another beach that’s one of the five bays of Cala d’Or. Cala Gran is close to the centre of Cala d’Or and on top of that the biggest bay of the coastal town. It makes it a relaxed spot to spend the day. The water here is incredibly blue, which makes it very tempting to jump off the rocks along the bay.

#5 Cala Llombards

Distance to Cala d’Or: 19 km

Facilities: restaurant/bar, sunbeds, lifeguard

To get to Cala Llombards, it’s convenient to have your own vehicle, since this beach isn’t that close to Cala d’Or. If you drive there by car, it’s most practical to park it at the car park along the beach. What most tourists don’t know, is that Cala Llombards also has a side entrance. If you park at the end of the street “Diseminado Poligono 3”, you can walk to “Mirador Cala Llombards”, from where you can take the stairs down to the beach. Since this isn’t an official parking space, I’d recommend you to only go here if you get there by bike/scooter.

Cala Llombards differentiates itself from the other beaches with its green coloured stallings along the water. They function as sheds for small fishing boats, but they’re mostly just very photogenic!

Next to my personal top five, the southeast of Mallorca is home to some more gorgeous beaches. In case you’d like to visit more of them, these spots are worth adding to your list as well:

    • Cala Figuera: picturesque harbour in a small bay (no beach)
    • Cala Mondragó: bay located in a nature reserve
    • Caló del Moro: the clearest water (go early, it can get very crowded here)

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